Love yo self!

How many of us look at exercise as a form of punishment? As a means of “losing weight”, “toning up”, being sweaty messes, a chore, an appointment we want to cancel?

As a personal trainer, I see many people day in, day out whose goals are to “lose weight” …

Others will say “I want to get rid of this” as they latch on to their stomach area …

Some pinch the back of their arms and tell me “I hate this flappy bit” … etc.

It breaks my heart a little bit to hear others talk about themselves in this way. (To be honest, I am still guilty of this sometimes, but I am working on it)

As corny and cliché as it sounds, you only get one body in your lifetime.

I feel so strongly about spending more time showing love and respect for our bodies rather than hating it and picking on it (which is all SO exhausting).

Yes, you might be overweight and losing body fat will do your overall health wonders…. But instead of saying you want to lose weight because you HATE the way you look, how about we change our language and say instead:

“I want to lose weight for me”

“I want to lose weight because I love myself enough to make my life healthy & amazing”

“I want to become healthy and fit because I know I deserve to be”

“I want to eat foods that nourish me from the inside out because my organs deserve to function at their best”

I understand this might not work for everybody but it might also hit home with one person that negative thoughts towards your body really isn’t going to push you to be healthier in the long run. It will only debilitate your self-worth.

Learn to love yourself enough to treat your body in the best way possible. See exercise as a means of getting FIT and STRONG and see good, wholesome food as nourishing your every cell and being with life & LONGEVITY.

Watch the results unfurl 😍


Jardan xx


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