About yours truly


Thank you for visiting my blog! My name (as you already probably learned) is Jardan and I am a personal trainer from Australia – I am obsessed with all things health, fitness & wellness!

I like to think I am easy-going, approachable and bubbly & I love meeting new people and inspiring others to become happier & healthier.

My other loves include:

⚪️ Big dogs! (and occasionally small ones)

⚪️ Cawfee

⚪️ Books and rainy days

⚪️ Wine (and not necessarily the expensive kind haha)

⚪️ My partner-in-crime, AKA my husband

Through this website, I want to share & document random bits of my life and things I love.  It might brighten someone’s day or perhaps even inspire one more person out there to be their best self possible ♥️