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BODY IMAGE – is something that changes for me every year (even months, to be honest). I’ve been almost overweight for my height (nearly 60kg) & I’ve also been down to 46kg. I’ve gone from competing nationally for CrossFit, to hating any sort of sport, to having injuries, to not exercising at all and everything in between. I’d binge, purge, limit my eating, go on diets, exercise at midnight. I’d eat healthy, train hard, then eat too much again. Through all those years, I felt like I was never satisfied with my body, no matter what I was putting it through. I don’t know if hitting the big 3-0 has made me change but my perspective this year has done a complete 360. For the first time, I am learning to listen to my body, be a healthy weight, eat a balanced, yet varied diet without deprivation, exercise for fun and health and love every minute of it. I know it’s still a journey but I feel like those years spent at war with my body have brought me to where I am now. Appreciating rather than hating, acting on kindness instead of punishment. Are you someone who struggles with body image? I hope this helps inspire someone out there who’s been feeling a little up & down, to look at your body for what it’s capable of & to work with it rather than against it ☺

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