“The quality of your life is directly related to the state of your mind.”


Something I read this morning in a Wellness magazine struck with me.  I had a situation over the weekend where I was about to beat myself up with negative talk because I was eating more than I normally would on a week day.  Sounds so petty, right?

For a change, I caught myself just before the tirade of self-debilitating thoughts.  For some strange reason, in that moment, i thought to myself…

“What if you DIDN’T beat yourself up today?  What if you spoke nicer to yourself?  What if you allowed yourself to enjoy those treats you had, soak up in the weekend’s celebration and just have fun without picking yourself apart?”

It sounds all so cheesy and cliché but this was the conversation that went on inside my head.  Just a small change of perspective.  I felt the shift immediately.

I put on something nice for hubby’s birthday dinner and where I would normally have criticised something about my body, I didn’t.  Instead, I enjoyed the process of getting ready, making myself feel nice and putting in some girly effort in my appearance 😅

It actually almost seemed effortless, which is a nice change.  Anyway, I felt so different going out that night.  Normally I would crave “treat” food because I would want to indulge on weekends, before a new week started and I had to be “good”.

But instead of craving burgers and chips at dinner, I actually, GENUINELY wanted something healthier.  I had a glass of wine and enjoyed every sip.  Afterwards, I had a bite of hubby’s donut & gelato dessert, but didn’t really feel like I NEEDED dessert. It was like my head knew I can always have it, if I ever wanted it and tonight wasn’t a be all, end all sort of situation.

I walked away from the dinner feeling so good, as opposed to bloated and guilty and feeling like i had to “Start again the next day or do a long, endurance workout to “burn everything off”.

It was so liberating.

This post isn’t about food.  It’s about the change in perspective.  It’s about the control I had over my thoughts.  I felt like I got in a peaceful, self-love state of mind and the actions that carried from there reflected this and in turn, I physically FELT lighter and better in my skin.  It was like this for the rest of the weekend.  I didn’t force myself to workout, I didn’t think about food obsessively, I listened to my body, ate when I was hungry, chose wholesome food and didn’t deprive myself.

I feel like I’ve entered a new week with a new appreciation for perspective and a good state of mind.  I hope you can take the time to practice something similar, catch yourself if you’re thinking the worst in a situation and just take a second to look at the other side. Ask yourself WHAT IF… what if you didn’t stress out about this & that?  WHAT IF such and such wasn’t a big deal after all?  WHAT IF this situation will pass anyway? WHAT IF I was kinder to myself? What would happen?


J xx


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