The other night, I finished my workout in our garage gym around 6:15pm. As I was packing away my equipment, I was also listing my To Do list in my head … feed the dogs, shower, cook dinner, make lunches… with each task, I slowly started to pack away faster, almost slightly frustrated that I couldn’t just go inside and relax.

Then, I turned around and was hit in the face with this view.

I literally put down the mat I was holding, took a DEEP breath and stopped the rushing, the thinking, the flustered way I moved…and just BREATHED. Allowed myself a few minutes to admire that sunset, those colours, the magical swirls of light and cloud. It was my small (or not so small) reminder to slow the EFF down & be appreciative of the moment.

Anyhoo, I don’t know if the neighbours watched the strange little person standing in her garage with her mouth open but that’s beside the point 😅 If you are rushing today, adding things on top of other things in your To Do list… then take this as a sign to look outside of that and find a little bit of beauty today and smile

J. xx

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