So I haven’t posted here in a while.


For whatever reason, I feel like I owe some sort of explanation for my absence.  Truth be told, this all started to feel like “work” to me and hence I lost motivation and interest in creating blogs as it required so much effort and thought.  Some days, I felt pressured to come out with a blog post that ticked all the boxes – it had to be perfectly written, it had to have beautifully captivating photos, its content had to be valuable and interesting.


The pressure was of course, no one’s fault but my own.


It was just me putting that pressure on myself. As I started to get busier with my PT work “Rx Evolution”, I started to use that as an excuse and put my blogging (and videos) on the back burner.  I’ve realised though that this isn’t a professional website, I am not being paid and I don’t even know if I have an audience lol So what was the point of trying to reach perfection every time? If I am going to continue blogging, I need to do it for myself and not just the pleasure of others.  and I need to post about things that are relevant to me, not just post because I think that’s what people want to see.


Anyway, here I am, back again.  But not making promises 😊 No pressure to be “perfect” or to have any sort of blogging schedule.  I will post what I feel like at the time, no matter what sort of topic it is, as long as I enjoy writing about it, which I think will in turn, turn out better than something that is forced.  For now, that is all that matters to me 🙂  If you follow along and read my stories, thank you!! and also, I am sorry for taking such a long break… but I think at times, these things need to happen in order to make some sort of realisation.


Looking forward to sharing more xx



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