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Gym & Office Transformation Vlog


As some of you guys know, I have decided to fully commit to working full-time from home this year and in doing so, have embarked on a project to create a garage gym and home office for myself and my awesome clients.  I decided to film and “Vlog” the whole thing just because I think it would be cool to have something to look back on in 10 years when I have my dream gym set-up & remember where I started 😊 Nick & I spent a few weeks over the Christmas/New Years break getting everything up and running.  I couldn’t be more grateful for you Nick Craigie, you have supported my cray-cray dreams, vision and OCD tendencies from day-dot and I could not have done this all without you, so thank you 💖

The “Vlog” is inserted below so if you are interested in a “Before/After” type video, please feel free to watch 😃


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