3 Simple Tips to Help you Achieve Your Goals


🎉 With 2018 just around the corner, it’s no surprise that the most popular practices of late are goal-setting & new year resolutions.


While I certainly don’t believe that you need to wait until a new year to set goals and make plans, I do understand the energy behind the idea of “fresh starts and new beginnings” as the year draws to a close. I admit that I personally THRIVE off this whole vibe and being the #organizationnerd that I am, I’ve already redecorated my office, purchased new planners and whiteboards and organized all my pens, markers & highlighters 😅 It’s like I’ve geared up for a stationery battle and I AM READY 😁


Today, I am sharing with you 3 simple tips to help you achieve your goals … not just in 2018, but ANY goal, ANY time.  I will also be implementing these tips into my OWN goal-setting practices which I am super excited about.  I don’t think these tips are new or ground-breaking BUT I do believe 110% that they will act as stepping stones to your success🤩 I hope that you find these valuable and implement them in your plan too!


You might be wondering – “Jardan, what the hell is CHUNKING?!”
Well, let me explain – Chunking is the act of breaking your big goals down into smaller goals.
Having REALLY big goals – especially if you are the type to make YEARLY goals – can seem very daunting.  To avoid feeling overwhelmed with such a big task, it’s wise to create realistic, achievable steps to help you to ultimately reach your goal.

For example, one of my goals in 2017 was to build my own home gym.  Once I decided on this goal, I then created a series of steps or a list that will help me get to this goal.  I’m one of those people that love to tick off things as I get them done because it makes me feel like I have achieved something, even if it’s only small.  It also keeps me more motivated than just staring at the words “BUILD A GYM”. So, my list of smaller goals looked something like this:

✔️Write list of equipment needed
✔️Calculate budget
✔️Research gym equipment suppliers
✔️Make order
✔️Get space ready for equipment to arrive


These were my ACTION TASKS.  Do at least one action task per day and make it a PRIORITY.  Do the action task in the morning if possible, that way it is DONE and you feel great for the rest of the day for having taken one more step towards your big goal.

To summarise:
🏆Break big goals into smaller goals – CHUNKING
🏆Smaller goals = ACTION STEPS
🏆Do at least one action step PER DAY


Tip #2 is doing performance reviews ON YOSELF! If you aren’t looking back on how you did the last week or month, then how will you know how you’re progressing? Actively checking & reviewing your performance is an absolute game-changer in achieving your goals.  If huge, successful, multi-billion companies are doing performance reviews, then why aren’t we?

I will admit, I have yet to implement this strategy as it’s not something I have done before but it makes complete sense.  So as of 2018, I will not only be “chunking” and making goals at the start of every week , but also then REVIEWING those goals weekly (you can do this either on a Sunday or Monday). Then at the end of each month, I will do a bigger review of how I did in the past four weeks and create my next month’s strategy (and action tasks) from there.

‼️It’s not only important to look at what went right for that week/month but also to look at what went wrong.  Look at what didn’t work and figure out WHY. From there, HOW can you improve? What can you do different the next week/month?

If you slip up somewhere along the line and deviate from your goal – IT’S OKAY!  That’s called LIFE and it doesn’t mean you quit.  Take a look and see if you need to re-evaluate your current goal, re-focus and pick yourself back up.  Learn from any mistakes you made and keep hustling!

To summarise:
🏆Set aside time each week to do weekly reviews & next week’s action tasks
🏆Set aside time each month to do monthly reviews
🏆Look at not only what went right, but also what went wrong


You’ve got your big, amazing goal, you’ve written down your action tasks, you’re performing your weekly & monthly reviews and you’re laser-focused….which is all great and good…. but please don’t forget to enjoy the journey!  I hear and see so many people who focus solely on their goal that they disregard the journey altogether.

In between goals is a thing called life that needs to be lived & enjoyed.

Making your goals the focal point of your entire life can often lead to dissatisfaction. People often think that they will be happy once they’ve “lost 20kg”, “got a promotion”, “bought their dream car” (…you get the point), but if you are absolutely miserable trying to get to the “PEAK”, then chances are actually getting there won’t be as hyped up as you thought it was gonna be either. If you aren’t enjoying the process, you are less likely to reach your goal too.

For example: If your goal was to lose 20kg but in order to do so, you’ve given up social outings in an attempt to avoid food temptation, you’ve cut out carbs because you think that will help you lose weight, you’re hating every second at the gym because you think that being on a treadmill for 60 minutes is the only way you are going to fit in your jeans…. you end up hitting your goal weight BUT are you actually happy?  Is this actually a lifestyle you are going to maintain for the rest of your life?  I’m hearing echoes of “NOOOO” 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

Instead, you can change your perspective.  GO to social outings but choose healthier alternatives; EAT carbs but learn moderation; FIND exercise you ENJOY… it may be a slower process but odds are you are more likely to LIVE LIFE and find something sustainable, as opposed to dreading your everyday life because you are just trying to get to your goal of losing 20kgs.

To summarise:
🏆Accept the challenges that may comes your way but don’t let a single goal dictate your life.
🏆Enjoy the highs but learn from the lows.

There’s a higher chance of you succeeding if you are having fun and remember that success ISN’T the key to happiness, it’s actually the other way around 😊



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