How to not give a f**k this Christmas


WARNING: If “curse-words” offend you, then this post might not be for you.  OR you can just replace the naughty words with “puppy”.  Happy reading 😊

Blog post title inspired by my current read “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” by Mark Manson.  Hear me out, this post really IS in relation to having a guilt-free (or pretty close to) Christmas Holiday.

While reading Manson’s book, a quote stood out to me:

WHAT do we give a f*ck about? What are we CHOOSING to give a f*ck about? And how can we not give a f*ck about what ultimately does not matter?


With Christmas & New Year celebrations at this time of the year, I know that there are a lot of people feeling the pressure with trying to keep up with everything – cramming in last minute work stuff, buying endless Christmas presents for friends & family (and pets…and maybe their neighbours too), planning and preparing Christmas gatherings and trips, the list goes on…all while trying to maintain some sort of health and fitness regimen… or maybe that’s gone haywire as well.


It’s clearly a HECTIC time of the year for a big chunk of the world’s population, which is totally understandable – IT’S CHRISTMAS!  It’s the END OF THE YEAR, it’s looking forward to FRESH STARTS.  I’m not here to divulge to you some formula that will make all the stress magically disappear but I wanted to leave you with something thought-provoking so that you may ENJOY celebrations that little bit more.


Give less f**ks and more LOVE❤️


Enjoy yourself this holiday season and do your best not to worry (or not give a f**k) about trivial matters.  If you are feeling guilty about the money you’re spending, having things “perfect” or if you “aren’t eating as healthy” or if you missed a couple of workouts…. STOP.  In the big scheme of things, smaller issues like these DON’T MATTER.  What is important – as corny as it sounds – is being PRESENT in the moment, having fun with the people you love most, the laughter, the gatherings, the smiles, the conversations, the delicious food, the memories you are making, the places you visit, the downtime and relaxation, the EXPERIENCES.


Now, would you really trade all that for a flicker of guilt because you ate 100 calories over your normal eating routine?

Would you really rather wallow in sadness and self-pity over a great conversation and belly-aching laughter?

Would you really rather drown in stress over just letting go of perfection and just enjoying the moment and a once-a-year occasion?


AND if you really are bothered and feeling guilty for these things, then what a wonderful problem to have!  A lot of people in the world aren’t so privileged to have problems such as spending money on presents, too much food or having events to organise.  As Manson mentions in his book, “Dont hope for a life without problems, there’s no such thing.  Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.”


Now, go and enjoy your Christmas and New Years! 😍 Remember to NOT give a f**k about what ultimately does NOT matter and only give a f**k about the things that are important this holiday season 💝


Much love,

Jardan xo


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