7 things I learned in 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, I thought I would reflect back on the things that I learned from the past year 😃

1. Surrounding yourself with good people is just as important as breathing.

As I get older, the more I realize the importance of surrounding myself with good people – the kind that inspire me, support me and understand me.  This year, I have really learned the it’s okay if some people don’t stay in your life – myself and everyone else will evolve and change and not everyone is meant for each other.  It’s okay to let go, as long as you are happy.

2. Money is meant to be spent.

I was raised to be frugal with money – save, save, save.  Buy things only if they are on Sale; compare prices with everything before purchasing; … etc.  This is all well and good, IF it does not prevent you from enjoying your life.  My prudish ways with money however, meant that I was restricting myself to many joys in life and experiences so I decided to take steps to change that this year.  My hubby and I did a lot more travelling in 2017 with our main trip being Canada.  We did SO much including seeing snow for the first time (and wolf dogs!) and it was just an incredible time.  On a smaller spending scale, I have also started to treat myself to simple luxuries like massages and new training gear – this makes such a difference in my quality of life.  I used to view money with such a scarcity mindset but I am slowly learning that money is just energy – it flows in and out and if you can use it as a tool to MAKE MEMORIES and IMPROVE your life, then what is so bad about that? ☺

3. I am very fortunate to have a job where I get to meet new people every year.

I have made SO many new friends this year through my work as a Personal trainer/CrossFit Coach.  And through these people, they share with me their stories and background and I am constantly inspired by everything they tell me.  It really does sound cheesy but I mean it – my clients (friends) inspire me in turn when they show up for their session, give it everything they have and are on the pursuit of living their best life.  Seriously, how can you not feel inspired by that!

4. Injuries don’t mean the end of the world.

In October 2016, I injured my back during some heavy squats.  Ever since then, I have had to battle through an array of emotions ranging from anger, low self-worth, sadness, hope, desperation and everything in between.  Coming from training almost every single day and feeling good with my strength and fitness to then dropping everything back to basics and going weeks without exercising really hit it hard for me this year.  But I worked my way through it and have finally learnt to have balance with my health and fitness.  I’ve also learnt ACCEPTANCE and to respect my body for what it CAN do, instead of what it CAN’T.  I’ve learnt that there is a world outside of CrossFit and that I can definitely enjoy other forms of exercise such as Yoga, Spin and just simply going for a mindful walk.  This has not only been good for my body, but also beneficial for my mentality.

5. I can learn to overcome fear.

2017 is the year I finally punched FEAR in the face and started up my blog that you are now reading.  I’ve always been so scared of people’s judgments and rejection and not knowing where this will all lead.  But I decided that it’s downright STUPID to let something like fear stop me from doing something I enjoy doing!  And so, after our Canada trip, I decided to pay for a website host, start up my blog, start my YouTube channel and basically put myself out there more in the hopes that maybe someone might find my content useful and inspiring.   This is not to say that I have COMPLETELY let go of any type of fear, but rather, I am learning to be more fearless in different aspects of my life.

6. The difference between being “Interested” and “Committed”.

Lori Harder’s podcast episode really hit it home for me (blog post: LINK) as most of this year, I had been hovering more in the “interested” group rather than actually “committing”.  In keeping alignment of my money spending progress and learning to overcome fears, I have decided to fully COMMIT to not only my blog and YouTube ventures, but also to my business.  I recently spent a LOT of money (more than I am comfortable with) to invest in my personal training business and myself so that I can finally live out my goal of being able to work from home full time and run my business how I have always wanted to.  It is definitely a step outside my comfort zone, and yes I am scared shitless of a lot of possible outcomes but I am also BEYOND excited for new opportunities.  I am 1000% committed to making this work, and to picking myself back up should I fall flat on my face.  I am also 1000% committed to pushing through any obstacles 2018 may dish out at me, as long as I am moving towards achieving my goals.

7. A dream doesn’t have to stay a dream.

As long as you can put together a plan of action, anything you want and dream of CAN become a reality!  I have recently been doing some manifesting exercises and to no surprise, my life is starting to align the way I have always wanted it to.  I’ve learnt this year that WRITING down things can be so powerful, I wish I had started doing it a lot earlier.  In 2017, my hubby and I travelled and explored and I started to grow my business, launch my blog and YouTube channel.  In 2018, I want exactly these things, but on a bigger scale.  We are already ticking off two things in our bucket list in the first half of 2018 (seeing Ed Sheeran and Halsey LIVE!!!), and I can’t WAIT to see what else we can achieve in the New Year!

Reader question:  What are some of the things that you have learned in the past year?



  • Leann

    I’m so glad I came across your blog! It’s so cliche, but with the new year ahead, I really need a small kick in the pants. Thank you for the motivation <3

    • JardanAngeli

      Thank you for the kind words Leann! I hope that you find some of my content useful and valuable 🙂 Enjoy and all the best for 2018!

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