how to move from “INTERESTED” to “COMMITTED”

Occasionally, I run into a podcast episode that I get obsessed with and SOMETHING just clicks and resonates with me at the time.

The last time this happened was with Angie Lee’s “Rich B*tch” podcast where I shared with you guys the highlights.  You can find the blog here.


This morning it happened again! I was listening to one of my fave podcasts on my way to work and it’s the “Earn Your Happy” podcast with Lori Harder.  The topic for the day was knowing the difference between being INTERESTED in doing something towards your goals and being COMMITTED to your goals.  This is so relatable for me right now because as 2017 draws to a close, I am finding myself in the state of a “goal-setting” mind-frame for what I want to achieve in 2018.



I thought I would share with you all MY highlights from this podcast in case you were interested, and I hope that you feel just as inspired as I was to kick butt in the New Year! (and beyond)


Are you INTERESTED or COMMITTED to your goals?…in becoming the person that you want to be?

“Interested” can feel like “committed”.

We’re often leaving the window cracked open when we are “interested”.  Even if we SAY we are committed, somewhere in the back of our mind, we actually feel and think about the way out.  You always have a “BUT” in the back of your mind.  (I.e. “I want to sign up to a Bootcamp BUT it’s too expensive.” “I want to do XYZ but I’m not gonna set a firm date.” “I want XYZ but I’m not gonna fully commit.”)

What “COMMITTED” people do is they put SO much of themselves on the line that they can’t let themselves get off the hook.  They often make the decision in the heat of the moment.

Pay for that coach, buy that ticket to that seminar, pay for that venue, launch that product, pay for that training.  IT HAS TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE or you are just one of the”interested”.


The language of someone interested is:
– Someday, I will…
– I’ll try that…
– Here’s my obstacle/excuse…

The language of someone committed is:
– I am…
– I will…
– Here’s the date…

The committed are solution-based thinkers at all times.


When you are committed, you don’t look at the list of why you can’t, you look at the list of why you CAN, why you WILL and why you MUST and HOW you will find a solution to every obstacle or block that will come your way… because they are coming!  But look at them as things to work around.  They can be blessings because they can be teachings.


When you are committed, there is no way out.  You burn every single excuse you no longer LOOK for a way out.  This is it.  You’re moving through it, it doesn’t matter if you pass out, throw up, trip, look like an idiot… you have committed to EVERY part of the journey.  My purpose is to go through all of those things are are coming my way.


When you are “interested”, you worry a lot about what other people think all the time.

When you are “committed”, you worry about not fulfilling your potential: “I want to leave a legacy, I want to leave the world a little bit better, I want to make an impact on people.”


What are YOU committing to?



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