post workout snack ideas + two new recipes!



happy FRI-YAY everyone! today, I am sharing with you two new recipes!


a few of you guys have been asking about Post-Workout Nutrition so I thought I would try out a couple of new healthy snacks and chat about the topic here on my blog.


now, we all know exercise and healthy food go hand-in-hand when it comes to achieving your goals, hence it is super important eat the right foods after a workout to help you get to where you want to be.  in saying that, everyone has different goals and are on different paths, so if you are after something more specific, then I would recommend speaking with a health professional such as a nutritionist or a personal trainer so that they can guide you on the right track.



the two recipes I will be sharing with you today are:

  1. Coco-Nana (Coconut & Banana 🤓) Vanilla Protein Overnight Oats (PRINT)
  2. Nutella & Pink Sea Salt Protein Balls (PRINT)

side note: I REALLY wanted to call the Nutella balls “Ferrero Rocher” instead because they taste JUST like those chocolates but felt like I had committed already hahaha but either way, they are DIVINE 😍

I would suggest having these prepared at the start of the week so that they are ready-to-go after your workout!  (ain’t nobody got time to muck around in the kitchen when they just finished a gym session lol). I made sure that the ingredients in these pieces of heaven are wholesome ✔️ contain healthy carbs ✔️ and include protein ✔️


though I have labelled this blog post “post-workout” snack ideas – these can also be devoured at other times! (I really couldn’t wait till I trained to eat them haha). The coconut-banana oats are great as a healthy breakfast option and the Nutella protein balls are SO good for curing those mid-afternoon munchies or even as a healthy dessert.


Watch the video below if you would like to see how easy these are to make!  if you wanted to find out a little bit more on post-workout nutrition, then keep scrolling down 😁


why should you fuel your body with the right foods after a workout?

you want to be feeding your muscles the right type of nutrients to help them repair and build back up.  when you exercise, you are essentially breaking down muscle fibre, so in order for your muscle to grow and for you to get those “#GAINZ”, then proper food is crucial.


the right type of foods will not only help to improve your body composition but also enhance your performance AND recovery (nobody wants injuries).



post workout nutrition generally requires two things:

  1. protein to help build the muscle
  2. carbs to help replenish your muscle glycogen (big word = primary fuel source muscles use for producing energy)


there are a ton of pre-made shakes and snacks out there that are easy to buy and convenient to have straight after your training. you can use whey protein shakes etc if you like (as this is quickly absorbed into the system for immediate use) but personally, my body doesn’t digest it very well so I have stuck with vegan brands such as Prana On and Tropeaka (these are what I used for my recipes).

aside from protein shakes, there are SOO MANY other options you can have to help refuel your body after a training session:

  • greek yoghurt topped with fruit
  • slice of toast topped with avocado & eggs
  • healthy smoothies made with banana, protein powder and coconut water
  • oatmeal with fresh fruit and almond butter
  • roasted sweet potato & chicken breast
  • wholemeal wrap with lean meat
  • egg cups with veggies


…the list could honestly go on but you’ll notice that these foods all have two things in common: they have a source of PROTEIN and CARBS.  like I mentioned before, the quantities that your body will require will depend on your goals and body type but if you are exercising for general health and fitness and you don’t have unique physiological needs, I find that just consuming a good, wholesome snack/meal after your workout is enough to help your body recover.


for me, I am happy just maintaining my current health and weight, so I normally seek out a snack like the ones mentioned above, and not worry too much about quantities of my macronutrients or being too specific.  but if your goals are a lot more defined, then I would recommend seeking professional advice so that you know exactly what to have and when to have it 😃


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the video – let me know if you tried out the recipes and how you went! if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message here or on Facebook, I would love to chat with you!


for now, enjoy your weekend and happy training (and eating) 💖


reader question: what do you normally eat after a workout?


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