my four favourite ways to destress and practice self-care


I’ve always been a fan of self-care and self-love.  it’s definitely not something that comes easy to me (or a lot of people for that matter) but ever since I have learned to take care of myself more, I have noticed a big difference in every aspect of my life.  without getting too deep into it, I think self-care and self-love is SO unbelievably important because first and foremost, YOU are the most important thing there is and YOU should be taking care of yourself so that you can function at your highest and most abundant self and from there, everything else will flourish, including your relationships, your health, your work …etc.


as the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”.  we all need recharging and refreshing for everything around us to work.


my recent experiences last week got me wanting to write a blog post about self-care/self-love and my go-to activities to make myself feel better and less stressed.



I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster with moods this week… thanks to *Mother Nature* 😒 sorry if that is TMI lol but I want to be honest.  as a member of the female species, we unfortunately ride these waves of moodiness every month and most of the time, my poor husband cops it.  surprisingly, I was able to control my emotions pretty well on Monday and not have a sudden hysterical outburst for no valid reason.




we were sitting in the car – nick had just finished work, come home to pick me up and as we were driving to CrossFit to get our workout in for the day, I was overtaken with a sudden cloud of bad mood.  I felt bitter, negative, tired and sulky ALL. AT. ONCE.  i started getting fidgety, snappy and was not in the mood to talk at all (which is different as we normally will talk about our day when we see each other after work).


now, the past Jardan would have found a tiny little something to start an argument over – as a way of venting and just getting my unnecessary frustration out.  but that would normally end with a pointless argument, even worse moods and just tension between us… I hated myself every time I would do something that like that. SO – rather than being a b*tch and ruining the afternoon, I took some deep breaths (still in the car)… and really tried to think and focus on why I was feeling these emotions.  WHY was I annoyed? WHAT was I annoyed at? what happened today that got me sad?  am I truly upset about something? or am I just making a big deal out of nothing?


I literally had this conversation with myself in my head and found that I really had nothing HUGE to be so agitated about.  that’s when I realised what time of the month it was (😂 again, I’m sorry but I’m gonna be real on my blog lol) and all these emotions were just heightened due to my damn hormones 😜


once I realised this – NO JOKE – I felt a sense of calm and relief wash over me and I actually started to feel better (and less like a maniac).  I was also relieved to know that I was in fact, on my way to a workout/training session which I knew would feed my body some much-needed endorphins and lift my spirits up.


this leads me now to my favourite go-to activities for when I am needing a little perk-me-up.  you gotta have your own “happy” list – just selfish things that make you smile and stress less and basically make you, a BETTER you.  here are mine:




there really is a burst of endorphins after exercising. there’s a whole world of scientific facts behind this but basically exercise helps to release a happy hormone to your brain.

I go to a CrossFit gym where the atmosphere is very social and supportive, so I can’t help but walk out with a smile after a workout.  of course you can have any form of physical activity that tickles your fancy – whether that is the gym, Pilates, Bootcamp, walking…. it really doesn’t matter, the point is to MOVE YO BODY.  you can even dance around at home! no one can see you and it’s an instant mood-booster 😊



I know this is exercise again, but for me doing yoga is calming due to the act of SLOWING down.  CrossFit is very “go, go, go”, high intensity and race-against-the-clock sort of exercise and yoga is the complete opposite.  I love doing both for different reasons but when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, yoga helps to bring clarity and peacefulness to my overworking brain.  I’m sure those of you that have tried yoga can relate to what I am talking about but if not, I urge you to give it a try and see the benefits for yourself!  you can go to a local yoga studio or just do it from home – there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that you can easily follow along.  my favourite is a channel called “Yoga with Adriene” (link here) – and I normally will light some candles, roll out my mat and just commit to at least 15 minutes of a restorative flow to help de-stress my body and mind 🌸


I just realised that as I type this – Adriene has JUST uploaded a “Self-Love Yoga” video! WHAT ARE THE ODDS! Go to her channel to check it out 🤗




meditation is something I have just recently picked back up again and I’m so glad for this as it really helps me to focus on my breathing and also letting go of thoughts.  I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this one is a big part of my “self-care” list.  guided meditation for me works best as my mind wanders too much so I have downloaded an app on my phone that helps me through 10 minutes of meditation a day.  it is called “Calm” for those that are interested and it is super simple to follow and use!  after every session, I normally feel a lot more focused, mindful and…calm 😁 I love this app too because it provides you with other feedback such as longest meditation streak, total meditation time, reminders and various meditation options such as Gratitude, Breathe, Managing Stress, Focus, Anxiety and SO much more.


Bubble Bath & Face Mask

I know this one is super girly but the whole point of the bubble bath and face mask is routine is the ACT OF SELF CARE.  when I do these things, it’s like a validation for myself that I care and LOVE my body enough to take care of it and treat it with these small pampering luxuries.  for you, it may not be bubble baths and green face masks lol … it could be sitting down and watching your favourite movie, listening to your favourite song, cooking a scrumptious meal, sitting down at the beach with a good book…. ANYTHING.  as long as you feel like it’s feeding your soul with so much happiness and content, you could burst 💖

Other ideas for self-care that I practice:

  • Journalling (I love this for decluttering my thoughts)
  • Listening to inspiring Podcasts (really, just type a topic like “self-worth” etc and you will be surprised at how many goodies there are to listen to!)
  • Walking my dogs (fur babies are the best)


So those are my favourite activities for when I am feeling down/stressed/overwhelmed or even just need a bit of self-love/care on weekends.  I hope that this post has inspired someone out there to take a deep breath, slow down and listen out for what they are feeling.  if you need a bit of down time, TAKE IT!  when you look after yourself and show yourself that self-love and self-worth, then everything else around you will fall into place, your relationships and work will flourish, your mental state will thank you for it and your body will radiate a nice, healthy glow.

have a beautiful week and see you on my next blog post! 💕


Reader question:
What are some of your go-to self-care activities?








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