Summer Cardio & Abs Workout!

hi everyone! happy weekend!


as requested, I am uploading a SUMMER “FEEL-GOOD-IN-YOUR-SKIN” workout that ANYONE can do from home 😊. all movements are body weight, which means it doesn’t require any fitness equipment at all.  this is even perfect for when you are travelling.  I’ve designed this workout so that anyone of any fitness level can do it – whether you are a beginner or an experienced “exerciser”.

I have thrown in a warm-up, workout, abs session and stretches to finish 👍🏼

if you are finding the movements difficult, please listen out for my cues in the workout video as I offer different options for you to change the exercise into.  if, however, you are on the other end of the scale and you are finding the workout TOO easy, then I CHALLENGE you to double ALL of the reps and smash it out in as little time as possible 😎


click HERE for the PDF version so you can simply print it out or screenshot it from your device.


the goal of this workout is to 💦SWEAT, so move your body, have a water bottle ready and expect ALL of your muscle groups to be hit in this session, as I made sure to include a variety of movements so that you aren’t just stuck on one body part. (….well, aside from the core workout at the end, but hey, everyone likes an abdominal workout 😛)


HAVE FUN! please let me know if you gave it a go and also if you would like to see more fitness routines in the future 💃🏽 I am open to all suggestions so just leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply 😃

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