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5-day nutrition challenge

Goooooood morning to you! ☀️I hope that you are having a fabulous week so far.

If you have been following my Facebook & Instagram, then you would know that I am starting a nutrition challenge TODAY 😄 I have also made a YouTube video (posted down below).  Please check it out if this is something that interests you!  I also show you guys what I bought from our recent Sunshine Coast trip… it’s a little health foods haul 🍉


Pick a different fruit or veg for FIVE days.  Something that you would not normally go for when you are grocery shopping.
Try it by itself or cook something new with said fruit/veg.
Do a little bit of research and Googling to see what this food is doing for your body 🙏🏽

The reason behind this challenge was that I wanted to work on including more variety into my diet and also teach myself new things relating to fruit & veg and their different health benefits.
I know that this isn’t your typical “no sugar”, “no dairy”, “no gluten” diet that normally goes around.  Instead, I wanted something simple that would help promote healthier living and having more variety in your diet, which I feel a lot of people struggle with these days thanks to busy schedules (or just plain complacency).

So, I will be picking up something different for 5 days and seeing what I can do with it and in the process, make myself that little bit healthier and  teach myself something new, too!  I will try to film my thoughts and reactions – mainly because I think it’s fun and if it interests just one other person out there, then AWESOME 😍



    • JardanAngeli

      Oh thank you so much for checking out my blog post! All the best with yours too 🙂 I have already tried yellow capsicum and I have to brave some brussel sprouts next lol
      xx Jardan

    • JardanAngeli

      Thank you for checking out my blog post! All the best with trying new things! Doesn’t hurt to add variety into our diet 🙂 xx Jardan

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