words to remind you to be your best self.


Sometimes, you just need to listen or watch something inspirational and motivating.


I love podcasts for this reason because you can pretty much select your favourite topic out of a million choices and get amazing content delivered to your ear drums… FOR FREE.  One of my favourites at the moment is called the Rich Bitch Podcast with Angie Lee – ENTREPRENEURSHIP | MONEY | BANK ACCOUNT | CONFIDENCE.  She is SO uplifting, funny and most of all REAL.  (Literally, as I type this, she has responded to my Instagram story, asked me what topics I enjoy the most and just having a conversation… like WHATTTT it’s SOOOO nice when someone like that has time for her audience!! #girlcrush 😍)

Her most recent podcast is one of my faves right now, that I listened to it twice AND made notes on my favourite quotes (plus now typing up a blog post about it so I can look back when I need a bit of inspo).  If you are interested in reading some of the highlights with me, then they are listed down below for you! I love anything to do with personal development and business so this one really hit the nail on the head for me (as the saying goes).

Enjoy! 🤗

Episode 96: Chris Harder – Taking Financial Risk, #1 Thing To Invest In & Becoming Rich Regardless Of The Economy

“When you wake up everyday and your energy is spent on worrying & chasing bills and making ends meet and fear… then you’ve wasted that energy that could have been spent on loving, romance, philanthropy, on excitement, on memories.”

“Every single day that you wake up, you have a decision to whether be abundant or not.”

“Most success stories start at the least convenient times.”

“When I say ‘nothing matters’, as long as you’re not stuck in jail and you’re not dead, then nothing else matters because you can recover from anything else that you do.  SO TAKE SOME RISKS AND HAVE SOME FUN.”

“I think there’s nothing better to invest in than yourself.”

“You are your own business.  You are your own asset and if you just want somebody else to pull the strings for you – you’re going to have a very mediocre life at best.”

“You can succeed in whatever economic situation is surrounding you if you roll up your damn sleeve and find a way.”

“Success to me is if you’ve achieved happiness.  At the end of the day, you could have forty billion dollars, but if you’re still not happy – then that’s not success to me either.”

“I was very bashful and apologetic about showing them, out of fear of being judged.  Now, I’ve flipped that on its head and said ‘how dare I not inspire somebody who needs to be inspired by keeping these things in the dark?'”

“When you finally release that fear of judgement, then that’s when everything takes off on you.”

“When you stop judging other people, then you suddenly release your fear of judgement and when you release your fear of judgement, then you’re unapologetic.”

“A happier version of you is going to be way better for everyone else than an unhappier version so don’t be afraid to go get it.”


Those are my favourites guys! I hope that even just one person out there feels UPLIFTED and that little bit more confident within themselves.

Life is literally TOO SHORT (it’s cliché but you know it’s true) to worry about other people’s judgement of you.  YOU BE YOU, take some risks, do that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to it because you’re too scared, love unconditionally, don’t be afraid to bend the rules on life a little bit… AS LONG AS IT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

Reader Question:  Are there any podcast channels that you LOVE? What was your favourite quote from Angie Lee’s episode?

Off to eat lunch and enjoy the rest of my day 😄☀️



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