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my top 8 health foods I use EVERYDAY.


Today, I thought I would share with you guys my top 8 health foods that I use in my diet every. single. day.


These foods are my ABSOLUTE must-have every day because when I don’t consume them, when I SKIP even just a couple of days… I can feel the difference within my body and mind.

These products are NOT sponsored, I genuinely love them and use them in my daily routine.  My diet is NOT perfect BUT I do try and make an effort to consume a wide range of micronutrients so that I can feel the best I can possibly feel.  SO, without further ado, let’s get into it!  😍

my top 8 health foods

➡️ From left to right ⬅️
1. Organic Enhanced Collagen
2. Tropeaka Ultra Cleanse
3. Pure Harvest Activated Almond Milk
4. Prana On Photo Fire Protein
5. Golden Grind Turmeric Blend
6. Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth
7. Tropeaka Alkaline Greens
8. Twinings Peppermint & Lime Tea

If you are interested in HOW and WHY I use these products, then keep reading 😄

Organic Enhanced Collagen

A little back story:  LITERALLY, this story is about my back lol A few months ago, I had an MRI done on my lower back which showed that I have some lumbar disc degeneration.  After doing some research, I decided to invest in some supplements to help with disc and joint health. Collagen was one of those foods that is very beneficial for bones.  The packaging reads:

“Restore and rebuild collagen with Organic enhanced, flavourless hydrolysed collagen (peptides).  Peptides are short chain amino acids naturally derived from collagen protein.  These natural peptides are highly bio-available, digestible and soluble.  Sourced from grass-fed cows, Organic Enhanced Collagen is rBGH & BSE-free (no antibiotics or hormones), with no artificial sweeteners or GMO ingredients.”

I LOVE this brand which I bought from WholeFoods in Canada because it’s flavourless, meaning I can add it to anything.  I normally mix 1 tablespoon with my green smoothie everyday 🤗 It’s super easy to use and incredibly versatile as well.


Tropeaka’s Ultra Cleanse & Alkaline Greens


Next up are these two AMAZING powders! 🍃 I found Tropeaka through one of my fave YouTubers and I have to say, their products seriously make green powders taste GOOD.  I have tried a few super greens brands now and they have all made me pretty much NOT look forward to taking them… until Tropeaka came along.  I mix a little bit of both products (approx. 1 heaped teaspoon) into my smoothies EVERYDAY and seriously, I can’t say this enough – they actually taste GOOD!!!  The Ultra Cleanse doesn’t have a strong taste, so it is perfect to mix with any flavour combo you prefer in your smoothie & the Alkaline Greens have a tropical pineapple taste to them which  is super yummy 🤤

🍏Ultra Cleanse – “…is a unique full-body detox solution that contains the natural power of nutrient-dense Superfoods and the innovative addition of Bentonite ‘Healing Clay’ to bind to and remove toxins from your body.  It supplies your body with vital nutrients and minerals including: vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, D, E, K, beta carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, calcium, copper, manganese and selenium.”

🍏Alkaline Greens – “…with natural vitamin D is a synergistic greens formula of concentrated alkaline superfoods.  It contains naturally occurring phytonutrients, bioavailable vitamins, chlorophyll, live enzymes and minerals including all natural vitamin D.”

HOLY CRAP. There are so, so many more benefits, guys. But I would be sitting here typing forever so if you are interested, check out their online store and read up on it there.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Pure Harvest Organic Activated Almond Milk

Following on from the Tropeaka products is Pure Harvest’s Organic Activated Almond Milk.  The reason I have been decreasing the amount of cow’s milk I have been drinking is because I have found that it upsets my stomach when taken regularly.  Because I am a coffee drinker, even just having two coffees a day mixed with dairy has resulted in bloating and uncomfortable gassiness (sorry for the TMI haha).  So I switched over to almond milk!  One thing you have to be careful about when choosing a brand for almond milk is the actual ingredients.  A lot of supermarket brands out there have next to nothing when it comes to actual ALMONDS in their milk (approx. 2-4% from my research).  I have found that Pure Harvest is the best in the supermarket (I shop from Woolworths/Coles) because the ingredients are simply:

☕️ Filtered water
☕️ Activated Organic Almonds (10%)
☕️ Organic Rice Syrup
☕️ Sea Salt

So, unless you have the time to make your own homemade almond milk, then I found this is the best brand in terms of “healthiness” and purity of ingredients.

Prana On – Phyto Fire Protein

Product #5 on my top health foods list issssssss…. Prana On’s Phyto Fire Protein powder 😍 I purchased their “Iced Mocha” (*cough* coffee addict *cough*) flavour back in Sydney when we watched the CrossFit Regionals and oh. my. godddd. This thing tastes like a treat!  The description reads, “Phyto Fire Protein features raw alkaline protein along with a synergistic complex of herbs and amino acids to assist with fat loss, appetite control & metabolism.”  It has “11 Key Nutrients to assist you boost metabolism, burn fat, control appetite and tone muscle.”

A serve of this stuff keeps me full for a while which is PERFECT when I have back-to-back PT clients, or if I am training and then can’t go home straight after to eat (they are the main times I drink it).  I also like Prana On’s products because they are plant-based, raw, alkaline, natural, organic and gluten-free.  When you are ingesting something everyday, you want to ensure that is not filled with chemicals that your body will have trouble digesting, hence why I love Prana.  You can also mix this stuff with your morning smoothie and the caffeine in it is sure to give you a boost 😃


Golden Grind Turmeric Blend


If you have been following me on Instagram/watching my Insta-stories (@jardanizzle…. #shamelessplug lolz), then you would know that one of my favourite night-caps comes in the form of a turmeric latte. This one is just from our local health food store but you can also get them online.  I literally mix half a teaspoon with a tiny bit of natural sweetener, 80mL of almond milk and some hot water and that’s me done.  I love it so much, though I admit it took a little bit for me to get used to the taste.  I think I was adding TOO much turmeric when I first started mixing these up, so it was a wee bit strong.  The ingredients are: (all organic) turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper. I know that turmeric is crazy popular right now and here’s why:

👉🏼 Helps to prevent cancer
👉🏼 Assists in reliving arthritis (perfect for my back condition)
👉🏼 Can control diabetes
👉🏼 Helps reduce cholesterol levels
👉🏼 Boosts immunity (I normally overdose on this stuff when I am sick haha)
👉🏼 Assists with weight management (I won’t go into the scientifics)
👉🏼Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
👉🏼 Improves digestion
👉🏼 Prevents liver disease

Like, need I say more?!  Turmeric is also super yummy mixed with some brown rice, or mixed into curries and stir fries 😍 Golden Grind have a new favour I really want to try – Coconut & Cacao!


Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth

I know that most people’s reactions when they hear the words “bone broth” is “EWWW” but honestly guys, these ones are definitely palatable! Nick & I have tried a different brand and couldn’t stand the taste (we had to make it so they were tiny little shots and drank it really fast lol) but we love this one.  Okay, maybe LOVE is a strong word for Nick 😅  I started drinking more bone broth when I found out about my back.  Bone broth has MANY various nutritional benefits but one of the main reasons I take it is for the collagen and calcium content.  However, all the other stuff is AMAZING, I’ll let the packaging do the explaining:

“Bone broth is rich in minerals and high in protein containing amino acids which can assist with the reduction of inflammation, help to strengthen bones, joints and muscle tissue, and healing compounds such as collagen to help heal the lining of the gut, support digestive health, boost metabolism and immunity, and promote firmer, glowing skin.”

Everyday, I mix 1.5 teaspoons in a cup, with a sprinkle of pink himalayan sea salt, pour some hot water and sip on it while doing some work.  There are so many benefits to bone broth ❤️ Our fave flavours are the Garden Herbs and Hearty Original Flavour.


Twinings Peppermint & Lime Tea

Last, but certainly not least, is peppermint tea!  I like any brand, but the one I had on hand at home was this Twinings blend of peppermint and lime.  I find this type of tea SO refreshing and always, ALWAYS helps me to de-bloat when I feel like I have had too much sodium etc.  I always instantly feel better after 1 or 2 cups, it’s like magic.  I try to have it during the day or otherwise at night time, if I’m not sculling down my turmeric latte.  According to online resources, the other benefits of consuming peppermint tea include:

🍵 Soothes stomach upsets
🍵 Promotes fat burning
🍵 Reduced bad breath (lol that comes in handy)
🍵 Strengthens the immune system

I find it really helps to hydrate my body as well.
Bone broth, tea, coffee… throw in a couple of books aaaaand… just call me grandma Jardan 👵🏽


WELL GUYS! That is it for my top 8 health food products that I consume EVERY DAY.  Well done if you made it this far into the blog post 👏🏼  I am going to sign off here because my fingers are about to fall off from typing so much.  Thank you so much for reading and I am curious! READER QUESTION — what are some of your top health food products that you are obsessed with?




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