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how walking got me back into my routine


Brisbane for 3 days >> back home for a few days >> Canada for 23 days >> back home for 3 days >> Sunshine Coast for 3 days ✔️


September was a busy month for me in terms of travelling.  I don’t often travel but hubby & I had been wanting to explore Canada for SO LONG now that we finally decided to book it.  The dates just aligned with all our other commitments and so I took approx. six weeks off work and got to packing my bags! ✈️

As much as we loved our trip, seeing friends, gawking at beautiful scenery & indulging in delicious food….. it does take its toll on your body once you get back home and into normal routine again.  We have all been there, right?

💢 (Side-note: To be honest, this was probably THE BEST we have ever done on a long trip in terms of staying relatively “healthy”….  plenty of hikes, for once we even utilised hotel gyms & created our own workouts, tried fitness classes such as kickboxing & spin, plus paid for casual passes at local gyms.  But that’s a whole other blog post!)

Once we arrived back on home soil, we were pretty motivated to get back into a some sort of routine again, as we both felt like we had none for the past month (it was totally worth it!).  It was hard, however, because when we got back from Canada, we had about 3 days before we were packing our bags again to go on another trip, this time to Sunshine Coast!  Granted, it was a lot shorter travel time and it was only for 3️⃣ days instead of  2️⃣3️⃣ but it still disrupted from creating a “routine” as such.  But that’s life and it was such a fun weekend that routine just had to wait 😉

On finishing our last trip, I decided to set myself a “walking challenge” to get the ball rolling.  I had already started doing workouts again and slowly increasing the intensity but I found that my mindset was still not where I wanted it to be when it came to FOOD.  Though we “meal-prepped” and made more effort to eat at home and save money… well, let’s just say we would have a fridge stocked full of healthy food & snacks and we would still abandon that to go to a restaurant 😅 See ya later, savings!!  💸

SOOOOOO, I decided to do something simple to get myself back on track.  I set myself a challenge of walking for at least 30 minutes every morning, before breakfast.  There were a number of reasons why I chose this over countless other “mini-challenges”:

  • Simple & straightforward
  • Time-specific
  • Allowed me to be more productive
  • Forced me to wake up earlier
  • Gave me time to listen to something inspirational
  • There’s something peaceful about being out early while most people are still asleep
  • It woke my body up (fresh air, nature, sunshine, light exercise… it’s impossible to stay sleepy!)

Because it was nothing crazy, it allowed me to stick to it for five days straight.  But that doesn’t mean everyday was EASY.  I had early morning clients a couple of those days and on the fifth day, I actually had about three hours of sleep the night before so it was a struggle to get myself out of bed and for my morning walk. 😣  I predicted that there would be tougher days so I chose a reward for the end of the challenge, which definitely helped motivate me through bleary-eyed mornings.  (I’m buying myself a book I’ve wanted for a while, in case you were curious 🤓 #nerd)

If you would like to know the changes I noticed throughout the five days, then read on…


DAY 1 (Sunday)

Woke up feeling pretty motivated
Nick and the dogs came with me
It was such a lovely way to start the day and it inspired us to make a healthy breakfast at home
We meal-prepped – lots of veggies chopped up, meat cooked on the BBQ and paleo granola made 😍

Brekky: 2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms. Side salad of spinach, capsicum and dried cranberries


DAY 2 (Monday)

We had a plumber coming at 7:30am today so I woke up earlier to complete my walk
Went by myself and listened to a podcast by Style Your Mind
It left me feeling so inspired! #enrichment 💡

DAY 3 (Tuesday)

I was actually excited to get out of bed this morning!
Hopped on the scales before going for my walk and noticed my weight dropped already (water retention)
Consciously doing something good for my body right after I wake up has had positive effects throughout the rest of my day such as increasing my water intake and making sure I am hydrated
Feeling a lot leaner this morning
More mentally focused
Nick & the dogs came with me again and we listened to some LANY & Ed Sheeran while we walked 😄


DAY 4 (Wednesday)

I had a client this morning, so I woke up earlier again
Listened to two podcasts this morning – Rich Bitch & Style Your Mind
Felt more tired than yesterday, sleep wasn’t that good but I felt a lot better after being outside. Nature wakes you up!
Mixed some roast veggies in with my eggs this morning – ERMAGHERD game-changer!

DAY 5 (Thursday)

I was SUPER wired last night because I stayed up doing some work stuff and couldn’t get to sleep 😣
Maximum 3 hours sleep, so it was hard to get out of bed this morning
Checked my weight on the final day of my mini-challenge and dropped 1kg (just bloating etc)!
Even though I had minimal sleep, I still actually felt really good throughout the day and felt like I started it off on the right foot by going for a walk, instead of sleeping in and being unproductive.  I’ll just catch up on sleep tonight 😉



RESULTS – feeling leaner even just after five days, a lot more motivated, inspired & energised, also got a new tan (#winning) and the simple act of self-love/care has created a chain-effect for the rest of my day, helping me to make healthier choices to take care of my body.


I’M CURIOUS!!  Reader questions:

Have you ever felt sluggish after holidays?

What sort of mini-challenges have you set yourself?


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