my purpose


A biiiiig hello to you!! 👋🏽


Thank you for clicking that little link and checking out my blog!  It’s definitely a work in progress but I will be adding more content as time goes on 😊


In here, I plan to “dump” my thoughts and most of the time, my thoughts revolve around coffee, dogs (specifically a very cute german shepherd and a super loveable golden retriever), from time to time – WINE, health, fitness, food, books, mindful living, my wonderful husband…. and everything in between.


Think of it as a little peek into my life 😊


My goal for this blog is to first of all – entertain💃🏽.  Some of these stories will be just random thoughts and babbles, but I do hope at least one person finds it amusing to read.  Scroll through photos & my thoughts when you’re bored, maybe waiting for your lunch to arrive at your fave café, your coffee to be made or when you’re eating your breakfast (…notice how everything revolved around food? 😅)


Secondly though, I would also like to educate📚 – mainly on topics relating to health & wellness which I am passionate about.  In the process of trying to educate and inform others, I will also be teaching MYSELF some things as I really want this blog to encourage me to try stuff I never have before.  We can all do with stepping outside of our comfort zone a little bit 😃


Thirdly, I would LOVE it if I could 💡inspire💡someone out there to live a better, happier life and become the best version of themselves possible.  One person is better than none!


Much love,


Jardan xx

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